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KIT – Knowledge, Innovation, Territory

KIT – Knowledge, Innovation, Territory

ESPON 2012

New scientific and technological powers outside the European territory are attracting considerable and increasing amounts of R&D investments. Against this background new opportunities arise but also the question of Europe’s ability to sustain a competitive edge in knowledge and innovation. The EC recognises the territorial dimension of the innovation and knowledge economy and its role in potential territorial development and cohesion in both, the Green Paper on the European Research Area as well as the Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion. Knowledge has in recent years become a key driver for growth of economic systems, and the access to knowledge is generally considered as a key condition for innovative activities in our modern economy. The project takes this policy context as a starting point to explore the territorial dimension of the innovation and knowledge economy. An overall concept is used including product innovation, process innovation and organisational innovation. This project will take into account the current state, patterns and potentials of regions with respect to the knowledge and innovation economy and identify new development opportunities through innovation for Europe and its territories.

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Regional preconditions for knowledge and innovation creation


Regional preconditions for knowledge and innovation acquisition


Interregional knowledge and innovation flows


Les Pôles de compétitivité

Les Pôles de compétitivité

Ministère de l’éducation nationale, de l’enseignment supérieur et de la recherche

En 2010, 71 pôles sont actifs, dont 7 pôles mondiaux et 11 à vocation mondiale.

Les projets de pôles ont été examinés en fonction de :

  • la capacité des pôles à susciter la création de richesses nouvelles à forte valeur ajoutée
  • la visibilité internationale du pôle
  • le partenariat effectif réalisé à travers des projets communs
  • la stratégie de développement économique du pôle

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